Medicaid Expansion in Nebraska

DHHS is accepting applications beginning August 1, 2020.
Benefits begin October 1, 2020
Medicaid Expansion in Nebraska
On Thursday, October 8th, 2020 there will be two Nebraska Medicaid Representatives on site from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm in the main hospital lobby. They will be available for anyone wanting to sign up, ask questions, or submit documents for the Nebraska Medicaid Expansion program. Please remember to wear a mask and social distance at all times.
Medicaid coverage is available for Nebraskans age 19-64 who earn up to 138% of the federal poverty level (about $17,000 a year for a single person).
Coverage includes services like doctor’s office visits, hospital visits, and prescription drugs. Some individuals may additionally qualify for dental, vision, and over-the-counter drug coverage. This expanded Medicaid Program is called “Heritage Health Adult” (HHA) and was approved in 2019 by Nebraska voters through Initiative 427.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is newly eligible for Medicaid Expansion in Nebraska (Heritage Health Adult Program)?

Nebraska residents, age 19 through 64, whose income is at or below 138 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL). For 2020, this is an annual income of $17,609 for a single person and $36,156 for a household of four.

What is the difference between Heritage Health and Heritage Health Adult?

Heritage Health is the managed care program that manages Medicaid services in Nebraska. Heritage Health Adult (HHA) is a part of the overall Heritage Health program. HHA covers those eligible for Nebraska’s MEdicaid expansion. Those eligible for Medicaid in the Heritage Health Adult category will be enrolled into a Heritage Health plan to manage their benefits.

Do I need to submit documents with my application?

This depends on the information you provide on your application. DHHS will send you a notice asking for any needed documents after your application is received.

Are college students eligible if they are self-supporting?

College students may be eligible if they meet all of the eligibility criteria for the expansion group.

I have sent my application. How will I know if I am eligible?

If eligible for Medicaid, you will receive a notice explaining your eligibility category and benefit information. You can also create an online account with ACCESSNebraska to check your application status.

What do I do if I am determined ineligible for Nebraska Medicaid?

If you are determined ineligible for Medicaid, your application is sent to the Federal Marketplace (healthcare.gov). The Marketplace can assist you with private insurance coverage. If you believe you were denied in error, you may request a fair hearing (appeal). You may call to request a form to be mailed to you:
Omaha: (402) 595-1178
Lincoln: (402) 473-7000
Toll Free: (855) 632-7633
TDD: (402) 471-7256

You may send your written appeal to:
Legal Services – Hearing Section
PO Box 98914
Lincoln, NE 68509-8914

What if my income changes?

As with all Medicaid programs, changes which impact eligibility must be reported to DHHS within ten days of the change. Once DHHS verifies this information, we will assess your Medicaid eligibility based on the new information.

How often do I need to reapply for Medicaid?

Medicaid eligibility renewals are completed annually and there is no need to file a new application. If DHHS is not able to complete the renewal automatically, we will send you a paper application to complete.

If you become ineligible, a new application is needed after 90 days of ineligibility.

Apply Online:
Over the phone by calling ACCESS Nebraska at:
Omaha: (402) 595-1178
Lincoln: (402) 473-7000
Toll Free: (855) 632-763
By paper application:
(Download application from AccessNebraska.gov):
By fax at (402) 742-2351,
By email at DHHS.ANDICenter@nebraska.gov,
By mail at P.O. Box 2992, Omaha, NE 68103-2992
Apply in person at a DHHS local office
Find a local office at http://dhhs.ne.gov/Pages/Public-Assistance-Offices.aspx

Heritage Health Adult Expansion Facts


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